Insights into St Petersburg

Smolenskoye Cemetery

Smolenskoye cemeteries were established in the 18th century according to the different Christian confessions which existed in the Russian Empire: Orthodox (East Christian), Lutheran (where the Catholics were buried, too) and Armenian. This was to do with variety of the nations of West and East living in St. Petersburg, namely, the Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Tartar, German, French, Italian, Pole and others. The cemetery complex provides information not only about the religious and national structure of the imperial capital, but also about its famous inhabitants, its history, culture and philosophy.
We will discover that the cemetery has its own life and dramatic events, its romantic legends and real stories, its peculiar atmosphere formed by the majestic monuments and crypts. The place is also a centre of religious worship because the grave of the beloved Orthodox saint, St. Xenia, a patroness of St. Petersburg, is situated there.

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