Insights into St Petersburg

Vintage bus tours

A three-hour tour in a heritage 30-seater coach includes:
  • the legendary Lenin monument in front of the Finland Railway Station, depicting the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution giving a speech from the top of an armoured car;
  • the “Big House” or the KGB headquarters opposite the battle-ship “Aurora”;
  • the memorial to the Revolutionary Fighters;
  • the futuristic “kitchen factory” and “communal house” residential block built in the first decades of the Soviet rule.

The bus was bought from a private operator in a small town about a thousand miles from Saint Petersburg by a group of enthusiasts who restored it according to the original design.

Manufactured in Lvov, Western Ukraine over a period of nearly 50 years, LAZ-695 became the most produced bus in the world with the number of vehicles exceeding 120 thousand. Featured in numerous Soviet films these buses transported the guests of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Six years later, LAZ buses were used for a cleanup operation in the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

The first cosmonaut Yury Gagarin was brought to the launching pad by a LAZ. Here is your chance to ride the same bus. Spacesuit available on request.

LAZ can take on board up to 32 people. For individual travellers we offer the same tour in a vintage Pobeda or Volga sedan. To hire the tour please contact us in advance.


The Lvov Bus Factory (LAZ)

“We called it Mashka because of its cumbersome sluggishness and inertia. But inside there was plenty of space; the bus was soft, warm in winter, and had a powerful engine.”

Lvov Buses for Cosmonauts

“The tradition was long-standing one in aviation. Even in the Great Patriotic War, when they had to fly somewhere far away before getting into the cockpit the pilots urinated on the wheel…”

The Likinsk Bus Factory (LiAZ)

“My favorite thing when going somewhere was to jump into the front seat (there was a seat the full width of the cabin, along the driver’s barrier), to get on my knees and to look forward through the front window…”

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