Insights into St Petersburg

Private guide

Hiring a private guide has many advantages, since it will allow you to choose the time and duration of your tour. Moreover, our itinerary can be tailored to fit your interests. With your own guide it will be easier when in Russia to do what Russians do.

Any smart walk mentioned on the site costs 3.500 roubles in the high season (from May to September) and 3.000 roubles (the rest of the year), no matter how many people are there in the group.

Hiring a guide for a large group works out as a reasonable price. It is cheaper than taking a scheduled tour and paying for each person. All walks are customized for the group, and we can cater for the most demanding of tourists. Besides the tours mentioned on the site, we offer guided tours to almost all the museums in St Petersburg, related to the Soviet period of the Russian history, as well as the Hermitage and Russian museum.

With our one-day trips tourists can visit the “Green Belt” of the WWII monuments around St Petersburg (“Broken Chain”, “The Flour of Life” memorials and the museum of the ice road route across Lake Ladoga) or monasteries.

Smart Walks can meet tourists on arrival in St Petersburg, direct them to comfortable accommodation and arrange long-stay tours focusing on 20th century architecture, Russian history, Orthodoxy and Soviet past.

The needs of the group are always discussed before the tour.

With Smart Walks all doors will be opened for you!

To book the tour, please contact us (find contacts at the bottom of the page).
Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanov