Insights into St Petersburg

“Nicholas II: the last of the Romanovs”

Nicholas II did not like St Petersburg. The city reminded him of the dreams of his great predecessors, Peter I and Catherine II, in whose shadows he had to live. The Russian Empire was too big for him, and he felt like a private person exposed to irksome public attention, a dwarf in the role of the giant.
In 1913, months before Russia entered World War I, he appeared in the royal dress of the Moscow tsar Alexei Mikhailovich at a grandiose ball, given in the Winter Palace to celebrate 300 years of the dynasty. Four years later, in 1917, he abdicated in a carriage of his private train at the station called Dno (literally, Bottom), for the reason that he was unable to cope with the demonstration of women in St Petersburg.
“Those who shone in the year 1913 are shadows in the ice of the Neva”, as a poet said. What does St Petersburg remember of the last of the Romanovs? The tour will go to the places in St Petersburg where the drama of the collapse of the empire took place.

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