Insights into St Petersburg

“The Narva Gates: first socialist neighborhood”

In the 1920s, the first post-revolutionary decade, the architect-constructivists transformed a dirty, red-brick industrial area around the Narva Gate in St Petersburg into the first socialist neighborhood with revolutionary new standards of living for workers.

In place of barracks a residential community was built, having its own secondary school for 1000 pupils (built in the form of sickle and hammer), a community centre with a workers’ theatre and clubs (awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris World Fair of 1937) and a round bathhouse called the “Giant”.

The tour explores the dreams of rebuilding society along socialist lines, and shows the beauty of avant-garde architecture and art, explaining its principles.


Monumental extravaganza: space buildings in St Petersburg

«We are used to thinking that post-war architecture is defined by dull apartment blocks of the Khrushchev or Brezhnev era, scattered throughout the city neighborhoods.»

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