Insights into St Petersburg

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a tour?

To book a tour you must prepay via internet. After your payment has been confirmed you will receive an email with detailed information about the meeting point and the full contact details of your guide, including his or her telephone number.
For secure payments we use the PayAnyWay service that guarantees that your payment will be fast and safe. It uses guaranteed HTTPS and 3D Secure technologies.
You may be asked to give your authorization if you make a payment for the first time in Russia.

Where will our guide meet us?

Almost all smart walks begin at or near an underground stop. You will get the detailed information about the meeting point and the map in the email after the booking. To find the designated underground stop you can use an English-language St Petersburg metro map.
On arriving there, leave the underground and you will see your guide waiting for you with a sign “Smart walks”.

What to wear?

Dress depends on the weather. Since our tours are mainly walking tours, it is advisable to dress accordingly. High heels or ill-fitting shoes are best avoided.
Since Saint Petersburg is situated at the latitude of just 6 degree to the south of the Polar Circle, sunglasses are recommended for protection from the dazzling polar sun. Wearing shades during a white night or in winter is also very stylish.

How long does a tour take?

Most smart walks last for two hours.

What will be the weather like? Will the tour take place if the weather is bad?

The weather in St Petersburg is notorious for changing rapidly (especially in summer), so you are advised to have an umbrella even if the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky. While the forecast may not be reliable, we guarantee that the tour will take place, come rain or shine and no one will leave dissatisfied. The only excuse for cancelling a tour on our side would be a severe flood in the city (the last one was in 1924).

How do you make your schedule?

We have arranged the schedule of the walks so that the hustle and bustle of daily life in St Petersburg does not interfere with the aesthetic perception the city. For instance, we adhere strictly to the rule of the old-school Leningrad guides that the Dostoevsky tour should begin in the evening with the sunset falling in the middle of the tour, because “the approaching dusk would help to apprehend the soul of Dostoevsky’s city”.

What if the time for the scheduled tour does not suit me?

You could consider the possibility of a private walk. But even if this is not for you, do not hesitate to contact us at the email indicated at the bottom of this page and we will find a way to help.

I want to cancel the tour. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, not. But if you are not sure about the time of a tour, just let us know by email and we will reserve a place for you in case you find you can make it. If you have already prepaid, we can do our best to meet your needs and reschedule the tour.