Insights into St Petersburg

“The Leningrad Siege Tour”

In the history of the world there was no other city of such a size that could endure a blockade of such severity and duration. Cut off from the rest of the country with low food stocks, Leningrad and its 2.5 million-strong population was left to die of starvation and disease within weeks in autumn 1941. But neither in the autumn 1941, nor in the severe winter of 1942, when the central heating was not functioning and food rations were as low as 250 grams of bread per person, did the city surrender. And a year later, in August 1942, Dmitry Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony was performed in the besieged Leningrad as the Nazis continued to bombard it…

Dedicated to the memory of the 800.000 victims of the blockade, the tour takes you to the sites in the city centre that bear witness to the 900 days of courage and sacrifice.


Broadcast from the City of the Dead

«The first two games during the siege showed the world that Soviet Russia could repulse the enemy not only on the battlefield, but also in the ideological war: information on the match held in the city that had just survived the terrible winter of 1942 became a loaded answer to Hitler's propaganda which sought to demoralize the Red Army and the civilian population of the USSR.»

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