Insights into St Petersburg

About us

«Smart Walks» have been conceived by Vladimir Ivanov, a linguist, who first designed four Soviet-related tours in St Petersburg because he was fed up with the myths of the Cold War era and the wrong perceptions of the Soviet times that exist both in Russian and in Western society. Later on the Soviet tours were expanded into Smart Walks that offers thought-provoking tours about history of Russian, Russian literature and Orthodoxy. Now the team consists of three people.

Vladimir spent his childhood in a blue-collar suburb with its long-standing revolutionary tradition. He has written popular articles for a number St Petersburg based publications, done a historical research in the vast archives of the Russian National Library, and contributed to the album of photographs of the strange buildings of the late Soviet era, published as “CCCP” by Taschen.

Dasha is philologist and specializes into the tours about Dostoevsky, Pushkin and other literary icons.

Liza has a degree in ancient languages and can explain the spiritual world of Russian Orthodoxy even for non-religious people.
Vladimir Ivanov

Darina Grigorieva

Elizaveta Belova